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St Mary’s RC Primary School

St Mary’s is a Roman Catholic co-educational Voluntary Aided Primary School catering for an age range of pre-five to eleven years. It is housed in a modern building with extensive playing fields and outdoor facilities, which it shares with Malton Community Primary School. The present school building was opened officially in the autumn of 1965. An extension to the school was completed and opened in the autumn of 2001. A further extension to provide a library and increase the size of the hall opened in Easter 2009. The history of Catholic education in Malton goes back much further – the first school for the parish being established in 1837 in Wells Lane, Malton.

The school’s Mission Statement is:

We welcome everyone.
We work together.
We follow Christ’s example in all we do.
We try to make our school a happy place where we can all do our best.
We learn.
We grow in faith.
Our parents, teachers and other adults in school all help us.

Arranging to Visit St Mary’s

Any prospective parent wishing to know more about St Mary’s should telephone the Headteacher to make an appointment to visit the school.

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Registered Charity No. 233748. St Leonard & St Mary's is a Fairtrade Parish.