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GEORGE, 7th EARL OF CARLISLE (1802-1864) LADY CAROLINE (1803-1881) married William Lascelles LADY GEORGIANA (1804-1860) married 1st Baron Dover HON. FREDERICK (1805-1834) LADY HARRIET (1806-1868) married 2nd Duke of Sutherland WILLIAM, 8th EARL OF CARLISLE (1808-1889) EDWARD, 1st BARON LANERTON (1809-1880) married Diana Ponsonby LADY BLANCHE (1812-1840) married 7th Duke of Devonshire LADY ELIZABETH (1816-1891) married Rev’d Francis Richard Grey HON. HENRY (1818-1879) married Mary Wellesley McTavish, LADY MARY (1823-1892) married 1st Baron Taunton
5 brothers and sisters, including: George, 7th Earl of Carlisle (1802-1864) William, 8th Earl of Carlisle (1808-1889)

4 Brothers and 5 Sisters

Registered Charity No. 233748. St Leonard & St Mary's is a Fairtrade Parish.